Our experts

IPM Smart Community d.o.o. was established with the vision of creating self-sufficient and safe communities that are supported by a technologically efficient and transparent public administration and infrastructure. We function as a bridge between the public and private sectors with our team of educated and experienced experts.

Zoran Dramićanin


Zoran Dramićanin is the director and one of the key field experts of digital transformation.


Domen Kos PhD


Domen Kos PhD is a consultant in the field of new digital business model development.


Andrej Špik


Andrej Špik is an advisor in the field of industry 4.0 development and has years of experience in the digital transformation of organisations


Peter Aleksander Bizjak

Head of application development

Peter Aleksander Bizjak is responsible for all application development in our company and is a certified ethical hacker.


Jaka Gruden

Project Manager

Jaka Gruden is an expert in digital strategy development and has several years of experience in project management and implementation.


Jakob Čakarmiš

Project associate

Jakob Čakarmiš is very skilled in the preparation of the digital transformation strategy in the research activities of our company.